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Walleye Rigged Crappies  

There are so many different variables that come into being a successful fisherperson, it would be quite hard to list. Just when you think you have your target fish figured out, you are thrown a curve ball and feel you have to start all over again. The “you should have been here yesterday” syndrome.

One recent trip I took to central Wisconsin offered just such a pain, and my daughter and I had to act fast in order to get back in the game.
Fishing post spawn crappies, we had them locked up in our hot spot channels. The crappies hadn’t moved out yet. Overnight, a cold front moved in, and made the crappies move into the open lake basin.

Now, it was time to search, again, in order to stay on good fish. As most already know, the best way to search is to troll. But, how do we trigger the bite if we happen to troll over? We decided to think outside the typical thinking and get creative.

Already knowing the specifications to troll our crawler harnesses for walleye, we decided to go that route and just change it up a little. Putting a live shiner on each of the harness hooks; we were hoping this would mimic a ball of baitfish and help to trigger a bite. Once we found the fish, we could then stop and get to some jigging on the school.

A large key to successful fishing is thinking outside the box in order to trigger a hard bite. This idea lasted for about 15 minutes before it paid off with nearly a two pound MONSTER!

That’s it! A simple modification that triggered a hard bite. I don’t know if the same success would have come using another search tactic. I do know this tactic worked effectively, quickly, and found big fish. That’s enough to put it as a definite play in my book.

I would suggest everyone give this a shot. Pulling harnesses with planer boards is both entertaining and can be extremely action packed.
K&E Stopper provide a large selection of harnesses, in many different colors and blade shapes and sizes.

My favorites are the UV Colorado blades in the purple/orange and green/blue tiger design. They are super bright, constructed perfectly, and catch fish!

Story By: Raymond Tiffany

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